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my day is going radical. although i havent gone to tyhe gym ive done stuff like sitps, leg raises an all those in your bedroom workjouts... though not in my bedroom lol i was by the pool (which i intended going swimming in but it felt like someone had filled it up with ice~)

so yeah ive had one apple. not hungry. 

ive come to a new eralisation, wanting to be thin is sick, starving so you can be thin isnt good at all. i dont want to be thin... i dont know why i keep doing this, and im not denying thin is more attractive i just... dont want the pressure from myself on myself to be thin. som im just gonna do what i feel is right to do

besides my one apple i have had loads ()but not enough) water, and two zantrax. 

things that suck, seeing my bf tonifght (which is absoloutely fantastic cimply cos im seeing him)  only im hoping whatever we do doesnt involve food. and thats why i havent had heapsa water today cos i dont wanna be running to the loo heaps.

thats aboiut all. 1 apple with toneing strangthening exercises for like... only 45 mins to an hour. still good though, im not unhapy im feeling grand. tomoro work for 12 hours! im gonna go to gym befor it, eat minimal slads throughout the day amnd walk home. that will be another good day if all goes to plan!

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day three.

cant be bothherd to type much, had los n wieght. hadnt gained either though.

ate fantastic, exercised radly adding food and subtracting burning i came to about  neg 500. but brothers birthday feast, i knew it would be imossible to pass, i trieed but luckyli i too some precautions. drank like 1200 mls water, had three zantrax befor it. throughout the thing i gave in and had like 3 pieces small bread stuff with cream cheese. an two pieces f pav ]:

sooo i have been jumping around my room doing squats situps pushups, pelvic ups, tricep dips an all other sorts for about 45 mins to an hour. feeling a TINY TINY lil bit better. will go to sleep ad do better tomoorro


workout worries::

i have shin splintz!! ouch ands i was fuklll pumped on going to the gym today but i couldnt possibly run or sanything and uness i could do some cardio or such to "smooth out bulk (i know its not real its just how i make things to be)

 i dont wanna do any muscley workouts. i have to go into the mall today to sort out some stuff and visit a doctor, so im ill walk in and back (45 mins each way if i walk fast) and ill bring my gym stuff ""just in case"" i feel ok and ill do a sess of light weights on the weight machines. 

anyother good workouts you can suggests which dont involve med to high impact on shins?? i was keen on swimming (i have my own pool) but its fairly cold today, so unless it warms up i dont think i ll be able to do that.

other wise i have a big birthday feast tonight with all the fam (my bro's)... i cant give in cos this weekend i have my reasons to be a supersmall as possible but it wont happen if i even have the slightest fall through!! so.... i dunno ill work out my way around that later.

so yeah :workout tips- low impact onshins:  please ideas??


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day 2!::

wieght  115.5 lbs. in the morn

water consumed, 2500 ml

calories consumed: 367 !!(way higher again... but still not disheartend cos i definitly burnt it all)

calories burned: 940 (i always lower th calories burned and round the calories consumed up so it looks like i have to work heaps harder)

feeling pretty good, sorted stuff out with the boy:) now i want to please him more than ever so ging to do a good cardio workout tomoro and miss out (as id planned anyway) on the brothers birthday fam feast!!

oh, calories from food: carrot, apple, bit of burger and small handful twisties(burger an twisties not good... not so much detoxing but still the cals were lo)

burned calories by little gym, LOADs of walking and a few hours of dance

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starting weight: 121 lbs (lil bloated from dinner last night but whatever)

total calories consumed: 239 cals     (ALOT more than what i'd planned... will work on it tromoro.. though it was good food)

total calories burned:392  cals    (didnt have time to go to gym but ill def go tomoro)

water consumed: about a litre ish

i ate : 1 glass soy milk
           1 small apple
          1 carrot
           1  glass orange juice

feelings: FUCK my boyfriend hasnt talked to me in a week :'( i dont know why. only thing resonably good coming from this is now im to repulsed at myown selfe for being such a terrible girlfriend i couldnt stand the thought of eating right now.
i got  a bads bout of depression at work. i went and cried in the store room for like 15 mins. 2wice, it wasnt really to do with my boyf. cos i randomly just go crazy upset and angry about nothing quite often.

i was feeling sick this morning, just from like dinner the night befor an stuff but all the water an healthy stuff actually made me start to feel better, and cleane ya know???

doid anyone else start this?? if so how did it go for you???

DETOX 5 days with me- extracted from SUPERSIZE ME!! (:

Detox Diet

NO! • Sugar
• Refined carbohydrates (white bread, white sugar, white rice)
• Coffee
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Dairy
• Meat 

• 10 to 14 glasses of filtered water a day
• Whole grains: brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats
• Nuts and seeds
• Phytochemical-rich foods: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, plums, sea veggies, cabbage, tomatoes, soy products
• Beans and legumes
• Acidophilus to replenish good bacteria in intestines
• Focus on organic, fresh foods
• Liver-supportive herbs and greens: chicory, escarole, dandelion greens, watercress, endive, arugula, radicchio, broccoli rabe, dandelion root, licorice root, gingerroot


I'm gonna do this for 5 days atleast!

go to the gym minimun 4 days!

i will update Every night befor i go to bed with wieght, how im feeling, what i did and any tricks, tips and stuff i encounter on the way. i dont want to clutter all the boards so after this one ill just udate everyday on my journal. 

if you interested please add me- join if you want and we can compare results an everything!!

ps, i did try something like this a whileabck, but internet went off an couldnt update, im very sorry bout that but i have a ew computer now and even if it does shut down (highjly unlikely) i should have other resources to update to you guys!!

please anysupport or whatever, is great an keeps me motivated to show i can do this.

my goal: lose 11 Lbs.

so tomoroo night il post my current weight(as of tomoro morn) what ive eaten, what exercise ive done and how im feeling about it an stuff- hope to see your support!! xx EE




SO my two week plan!!

{"} GOAL wieght loss== 6 Kgs ( 13.2 Lbs)

{"} starting wieght == 52.5 Kgs (115.5 Lbs)

  • Days 1,2,3 and 4 are a liquid fast,  (allowed: diet coke, healthy juices, light soy milk etc...)
  • Days 5 and healthy fruit and vege.  (allowed such items as celerey, apples, carrot, lettuce etc...)
  • Days 7 and 8 low call, vegan. (allowed pretty much anything aslong as its vegan, very low cal!)
  • Days 9,10 and 11 healthy fruit and vege. (allowed such items as celerey, apples, carrot, lettuce etc...)
  • Day 12 liquid fast.   (allowed: diet coke, healthy juices, light soy milk etc...)
  • Days 13 and 14  FAST (water ONLY!)

    so thats the food side of things. to look my best ive also included a heap of objectives i must complete in the thwo weeks:

  • 6 sessions of walking my dog. (shes old and cant do too much)
  • 8 sessions of tanning.
  • 10 sessions at the gym. (classes or indivivdual cardio/weights stuff)
  • 12 sessions of swimming.
  • 14 walks.

sessions are just whatever happens to be available for time frame so thats all variable. otherwise i might be going back to scxhool this week which will make things harder cos of less time but easier cos im busy and wont be thinking of food!

so what does everyone think? im hoping it will work, its chamging alot so my body wont know what to expect. 

please comments advice and such welcome,


how much weiught is it possible to loose in 48 hours ANND how did you do it!! i seriously will do as much possible to lose the most weight there is possible to loose!!!

im going out in two nights time, normally i would try to postpone or somthing but this is the only time possible as the person leaves very soon!!

PLEASE help me! i am a member of the gym and will do anything possible, i know i shouldnt be after such quick fixes, but who knows maybe if i get a headstart on this one ill mbe more determin to succeedd in the long run!!

please anything????
xoxox M
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morning to all.

justa n udate on yesterday. i did well... not good, but i didnt screw up competety. got up,
walked to work (45 mins)
worked lunch (some wedges:( thats the worste bit)
gym for an hour and a half (proud of that:))
walk home, (45 mins)
dinner, (lol which was a glass of chocolate soy milk)

back again and again

omg. how many effing times can one person try to force themselves into a state of security or happyness with oneself??

is it actually impossible to get over insecurities and live a 'nomal life'

I'm not a skinny girl, im the girl peoeple would walk down t he street and be like "oh, a happy healthy young girl" but im not! i go through a day not eating, the next ill tell mysel fim being stupid, eat a lot, hate myself for it and start the cycle again.

fck im sick of it! i cant even be bothered imagining "it s a new day, you will start fresh" cos i will fuck up again.

but i guess i am back here now so i guess that could have some impact on my habits.

i seriously as lame and as stupid as it sounds i need to be thin, im not the giorl comiung here for diet tips ive been on this site for two years just being angry at myself pretty much.
anyway, i guess i should reintroduce myself.

you can call me M if you wish to speaak to me:)
weight:121 lbs
L weight:107.8 lbs
H wight:127 lbs
s.t.g:118.8 lbs
next stg: 110 lbs
thats all im aiming for in the next four weeks.